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The Front is an organization in the game Strife. It is a rebel organization, fighting against an evil group known as The Order. The leader of The Front is Macil.

Other members of The Front include:

  • Blackbird, a female with a beautiful voice who gives the player orders by a communication device. She is seen at the end of the game if the best of the three endings is achieved.
  • Feris, who trains the player in Accuracy and gives ammo for the Assault Rifle.
  • Justin, appears in the Castle after it is taken over by the rebels. He sells grenades, missiles, energy pods, and Teleport Beacons.
  • Irale, a black market weapon dealer. He sells Assault Rifles, Assault Rifle ammo, and builds a Flamethrower from parts. He can also train Accuracy after the player goes through the sewers. He offers the player phosphorus grenades and poison bolts after seizing the Castle.
  • Geoff, A guard station in the destroyed town hall who keeps away intruders and allows members of The Front in.
  • Gerard, the medic. He can heal the player and maintains Stamina Implants.
  • Rebel Soldiers, they are dressed in brown armor and armed with Assault Rifles. They drop a Bullet Clip. They can be summoned by a Teleport Beacon.
  • Richter, a high up commander of The Front.