The Father was an ancient entity and progenitor of the Maykrs.


The Father is an ancient being that is responsible for the creation of the Maykrs. According to the Maykrs' legends, the Father split to form the Maykr race, or transferring its power into the Maykrs' world Urdak which then spawned the Maykrs. Exactly who or what the Father is or if it ever had a physical being is unknown.[1]

The Father seemed to influence and watch over the Maykr race primarily through a structure known as the "Luminarium," which served as a temple for Maykrs to seek answers.[1]

The Father also plays a key role in the selection of the Khan Maykr. Sometime after the last selection process, the essence of the Father was stolen by a Makyr known as the Seraphim for unknown purposes. This caused the Luminarium to cease to communicate and disrupted the cycle of selecting Khan Maykrs, allowing the latest Khan Maykr to hold the title indefinitely.[1]


  • In Doom Eternal, it is alluded that 'the essence of the Father' was used to create VEGA in which the A.I. briefly glitches when connected to the mainframe of the Maykr capital, asking Samuel Hayden "Am I the Father?" It also implied that Hayden is somehow connected to or is the Seraphim due to his apparent encyclopedic knowledge of the otherwise inaccessible Urdak, his supposedly 'alien' body which was capable of quickly integrating with Sentinel systems, his knowledge of the Khan Maykr's weakness, as well as sharing their voice actor. 
  • Who or what The Father is remains unclear, but it is heavily implied that The Father may have been an AI of sorts, responsible for engineering the Maykr race. Evidence towards this include the entirety of the city of Urdak being built from the remains of The Father, as well as VEGA, an AI, asking "Am I the Father?" when connected to the mainframe of Urdak. The Father may also be the remains of an immensely large, seemingly dormant Maykr-like being seen near the end of the Urdak level.


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