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"The Doom Project" was a collabrotive Flash project founded by Newgrounds users Gerkinman and KaynSlamdyke. It contains numerous skits related to the Doom series, most bieng created by a different user than the last. Along with a "Preloader Game", The Doom Project was submitted to Newgrounds August 19, 2005.


In order of appearence, the skits and thier creators:

Kayn Slamdyke - The Nightmare Begins: The first skit, tells the story of how it all began in Doom, with Deimos disapearing and and the Marine entering the Hell infested Phobos base. First skit by Slamdyke.

Beckna - Doom and Doomer: A marine fights off a Cherub from Doom 3. It is the only skit by Beckna.

Gerkinman - Rogues Gallery: A variety of Doom 3 enemies, including a chainsaw wielding Zombieman, a Mancubus, a Cacodemon, and a Revenant. First skit by Gerkinman.

Coolboyman - The Gun: Coolboyman's only skit, features a gun firing a bullet through a crowd of classic Imps. The imps were created using sprites from Doom.

Sick Death Fiend - Ambush in the Sewers: Only skit by Sick Death Fiend, it is also arguably the goriest of the skits. Based on Doom 3, features two marines bieng attacked by two Imps. One marine is killed as the other marine kills the Imps.

Rubberninja - Behind you...: A shotgun wielding human is approached by a Cyberdemon from behind. Rubberninja's only skit.

Grashaboras - Fireball'd: A Marine is knocked down by a classic Imps fireball. The Marine then kills the the Imp with a pistol. Grashaboras only skit.

Serge - The Pit: Possibly named after MAP09: The Pit in Doom II, the flash is actually based off a room in the level right before The Pit, Tricks and Traps. A lone marine assualts a group of Hell Barons with shotguns, and then proceeds to kill the Cyberdemon with a BFG9000. Serge's only skit.

Gerkinman - In the Hall of the Cyberdemon: A Marine is killed by a Cyberdemon. Gerkinman's second skit.

Gerkinman - Surrounded: A lone marine is surrounded by what could be either Imps or Demons. Gerkinman's final skit.

Smiffy - Smiffy Messes Around with Isometric 3D: Made with a type of 3D flash maker, takes a traditional First Person camera take as the 'player', armed with a shotgun, battles red 'Pinky' Demons. Smiffy's only skit.

Kayn Slamdyke - The Icon Falls or The Nightmare Ceases: A mix of Doom 3 and Doom. A Rocket Launcher toting Marine kills what could be the Icon of Sin. Doom 3 Lost Souls then evaporate.