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The Doom Game Editor is a 256-page book written by Joe Pantuso, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and released on May 29, 1995.

Official Summary[]

A comprehensive reference to every element of a Doom game—from developing monsters and creating ominous lighting and atmosphere to adding new music and sound effects and inventing a powerful arsenal of weapons and ammunition. This book/CD-ROM, written by the inventor of the popular Doom Editor software, guides non-programmers through the entire process of creating their own Doom games. Offers lots of creative ideas for developing fun and challenging mazes. The CD-ROM features the two popular shareware programs written by the author with additional special new features.


The book was packaged with a CD-ROM containing the following editing programs for the original Doom (versions 1.2 and 1.666) and Doom II (version 1.666):

  • DeHackEd (DOS, multipurpose WAD editing tool)
  • DOOM Audio Editor (DMAUD) (Windows, audio editor)
  • DOOM Graphic Editor (DMGRAPH) (Windows, graphic editor)
  • MIDI2MUS (DOS, audio editor)
  • New WAD Tool (NWT) (DOS, multipurpose WAD editing tool)
  • Renegade Graphics Doom Editor Deluxe (Windows, level editor)

The included CD also contained over 1,000 WADs.