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The Dome of DSparil

The intermission screen with a visual presentation of all the Dome of D'Sparil levels.

The Dome of D'Sparil is the final episode of Heretic. After killing the Maulotaurs at The Portals of Chaos in Hell's Maw, Corvus enters a giant portal to an ancient castle at the bottom of the abyssal ocean, protected by gigantic crystal domes and inhabited by many monsters. This is D'Sparil's strongest fortress, for it is where he resides. Aside from D'Sparil and his Green Chaos Serpent, the only new monster introduced is the Ophidians.

Of all the maps in this episode, only maps 2 and 3 use new music. The rest were recycled, as the secret level reuses a piece from a map of episode 2, and the rest each use pieces from episode 1.

Levels are themed to look like the interiors of opulent castles and temples. There are numerous water pools and canals running through all the domes.

Sky Color: Blue