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The Darkening Episode 2

The Darkening Episode 2 MAP06

The Darkening Episode 2 is the sequel megawad to 1999's The Darkening. This new episode features twenty-four levels split equally between single player and deathmatch modes. It was released on August 5, 2000.


Single player

  • MAP01: Outpost Mortem
  • MAP02: Biotech Terror
  • MAP03: Binary Compound
  • MAP04: Vindication
  • MAP05: Melt-Down
  • MAP06: At The Heart Of Decay
  • MAP07: Waste Processing
  • MAP08: Lucifer's Laboratory
  • MAP09: Hard Core
  • MAP10: Plasmorgasm
  • MAP11: Powerplant
  • MAP12: toxicity


  • MAP13: outpost mortem
  • MAP14: Mortal Mayhem
  • MAP15: Broken Circuit
  • MAP16: deva station
  • MAP17: Magic Roundabout
  • MAP18: An Eye For An Eye
  • MAP19: Tight Fight
  • MAP20: Annihilator
  • MAP21: rest in pieces
  • MAP22: The Edge
  • MAP23: banger hangar
  • MAP24: Interrogation Central II

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