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The Darkening

The Darkening MAP11

The Darkening Episode 1: The Nameless Project is a megawad for Doom II that contains twenty-two maps, split equally between single and multiplayer. It was released on January 7, 1999. A sequel, The Darkening Episode 2, was released the following year.



  • MAP01: Scary
  • MAP02: Bloody Hell
  • MAP03: Entropia
  • MAP04: Relentless
  • MAP05: Hand of Doom
  • MAP06: The Mines of Death
  • MAP07: Dead Simple 2
  • MAP08: Discordia
  • MAP09: Military Complex
  • MAP10: Under Earth
  • MAP11: Stone Tyrant


  • MAP12: The Spine of Evil
  • MAP13: Devil's Dungeon
  • MAP14: Fragmentation/Quake DM
  • MAP15: Relentless until death
  • MAP16: Sulphur
  • MAP17: Return to the Realms
  • MAP18: Valley of the Lost
  • MAP19: Vertigo
  • MAP20: Interrogation Central
  • MAP21: Death awaits 6-feet Under Earth
  • MAP22: Stone Tyrant

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