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The Dark Side of Phobos or DSoP is an album of 23 songs, contemporary "rearrangements" of Doom music. The Dark Side of Phobos was a non-profit collaboration of musicians and lovers of Doom, the soundtrack of which having originally been composed by Robert Prince. The double disc album has each disc named after one of Mars' two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

The project was originally undertaken by Mikko "klm09" Nousiainen and began by having the participating artists pick tracks to recreate. After the effort collectively stalled months later, Navid Azeez was convinced to take over the reigns of the album on November 9, 2004 and later provided its title. The finished product was released and spotlighted as OverClocked ReMix's fifth Site Project on August 8, 2005 and slashdotted on August 9. As of April 9, 2011, the MP3 & FLAC CD album torrent has been downloaded over 32,000 times.

These files are free and available for download at the project's homepage.

Track listing[]

Disc 1: Phobos[]

Name Arranger Length Original track
0 Welcome to Hell TO, pixietricks 1:10
1 Hangarmageddon Evil Horde 4:08 At Doom's Gate (E1M1)
2 The Red Moon Sir NutS 4:58 Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) (E1M4)
3 Industrial Strength Joker 4:12 The Imp's Song (E1M2)
4 Mystery Meat Nousentre 4:46 Untitled (E2M9)
5 The Leaning Tower of Babel Evil Horde 4:42 Nobody Told Me About id (E2M8)
6 Reprocessed Beatdrop 3:37 On The Hunt (E1M6)
7 Ghosts of Mars Mythril Nazgul 5:02 They're Going To Get You (E2M4)
8 The Chemical Imps RoeTaKa 4:57 Dark Halls (E1M3)
9 Demon Con Gusto analoq 4:08 Deep Into The Code (E3M3)
10 This Can't Be Good ArseAssassin 5:16 The Demons From Adrian's Pen (E2M2)
11 Jade Spawn Bladiator, TO 5:04 Waltz Of The Demons (E2M7)

Disc 2: Deimos[]

Name Arranger Length Original track
12 Intermission TO 0:57
13 Infiltrator Evil Horde, RoeTaKa 3:40 I Sawed The Demons (E2M1)
14 Infected Lab DJ Carbunkle 2:40 Demons On The Prey (E1M7)
15 Secrets and Lies TO 4:24 Hiding The Secrets (E1M9)
16 The Glass Moon DJ Carbunkle, Ryan8bit 6:24 Sign Of Evil (E1M8)
17 Ocean Pollen RoeTaKa 4:31 Donna To The Rescue (E3M2)
18 Aria of the Damned Hemophiliac, pixietricks 3:38 Sinister (E2M6)
19 Iron Cathedral Prophecy 2:13 Facing The Spider (E3M8)
20 The Dark Side of Phobos Daniel Baranowsky 3:55 Suspense (E1M5)
21 Darkness Dawning Elsa Persson, Larsec 4:13 The End of DOOM (Victory Music / d_victor)
22 ElectroCute Bunny TO 4:07 Sweet Little Dead Bunny (Endgame Music / d_bunny)


  • Navid Azeez ("Mythril Nazgul") – arranger, project director
  • Daniel Baranowsky – arranger
  • Lee Barber ("TO") – arranger
  • Lars Erhardt Christensen ("Larsec") – arranger, additional vocals on "Darkness Dawning"
  • Rafael Moniz Fonseca ("Mr. Firecracker") – album design
  • Jill Goldin ("pixietricks") – vocals, arranger
  • Karl Harmdierks ("Bladiator") – piano, arranger
  • Wes Harris ("Nousentre") – guitar, arranger
  • Tuomas Kanerva ("ArseAssassin") – arranger
  • Aaron Matthews ("analoq") – arranger
  • Jason Miller ("Prophecy") – arranger
  • Michael Molina ("Sir NutS") – arranger
  • Mikko Nousiainen ("klm09") – creator
  • Dain Olsen ("Beatdrop") – arranger
  • Elsa Persson – vocals
  • David Puga ("Joker") – arranger, album design
  • Alex Roe ("RoeTaKa") – arranger
  • Janne Roivainen ("Evil Horde") – arranger
  • Chris Roman ("Hemophiliac") – arranger
  • David J. Firth ("Claude") – album design
  • Matt Sabol ("DJ Carbunk1e") – arranger
  • Ryan Stern ("Ryan8bit") – guitar, arranger
  • Pex Tufvesson ("Mahoney") – additional vocals on "Darkness Dawning"
  • Aaron Wu ("Global-Trance") – website design

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