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The Dark Mod is a single-player Doom 3 total conversion mod by Broken Glass Studios. The mod intends to convert Doom 3 into a dark medieval stealth game, and draws inspiration heavily from the Looking Glass Studios / Ion Storm game series Thief.


Dark Modification Main Menu notice at the middle of the Left of Version 1.00. Now, It already Version 1.08.


The mod features several new weapons familiar to Thief players (sword, non-lethal blackjack, bow with different types of arrows), enemy AI and player movement system that takes into account hiding in shadows and noises generated when walking on different surfaces; also included are appropriate tweaks to the physics engine.


Currently the primary goal is to release a toolkit for map/mission makers - to allow modding in very similar to the fan missions of Thief series - but the final version will also include a campaign.

The first alpha version, with one short playable map (Thief's Den) was released in January 18, 2008. Second one release a month later. One year later, they finally released a full version of it. In April, they announced that the project is going to be standalone. October 14th, the standalone version was finally released in the upgraded version of 2.0. It will also work on the latest OS such as the Windows 8 and Mac OSX.

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