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The Ancient Gods - Part Two, abbreviated in-game as Ancient Gods 2, and commonly abbreviated by fans as TAG 2 is the second and final campaign extension for Doom Eternal, that was released on March 18, 2021.[1] It is a sequel to The Ancient Gods - Part One, the first campaign extension. It was announced at the launch of Eternal, and was free (on the launch of the extension) for owners of the Deluxe Edition and for people who purchased the Year One Pass. Both parts were revealed at QuakeCon 2020.[2] Part Two was scheduled to have an official teaser trailer and release date announcement on March 15, 2021. The teaser was released as planned and the full trailer was released on March 17, 2021.[3] Both parts have a stand-alone edition.


The Ancient Gods - Part Two takes place directly after the events of The Ancient Gods - Part One, with the Slayer and the Dark Lord in the Luminarium on Urdak. The Slayer aims his Super Shotgun at the Dark Lord and fires a shot, to which the Dark Lord informs the Slayer that no blood can be spilt in the Luminarium. He then proceeds to tell him that if he can survive, then he will challenge him to ritual combat in the city of Immora. The Dark Lord then leaves Urdak and transports the Slayer to Argent D'Nur, where he fights off the demon hordes that attack him. The Slayer then proceeds to light the Torch of Kings, as a way to inform the remaining inhabitants of Argent D'Nur and the Night Sentinels, that he is planning to go to the World Spear and acquire a wraith crystal, with which to power the Gate of Divum.

During his journey, he is met by Valen who gives the Slayer his Sentinel Hammer for putting his son to rest. After acquiring the crystal, the Slayer heads back to Earth which has been invaded by demons again due to the death of the Khan Maykr and the demonic invasion of Urdak. Fighting his way through the demons, the Slayer arrives at the Gate of Divum and activates it. He is then teleported to the city of Immora, where the Dark Lord awaits. Valen and the rest of the Night Sentinels also arrive to aid the Slayer, to his surprise. The Slayer rips and tears his way through the demons in his way while the Sentinels fight outside and eventually arrives at another portal. Going through it, he is greeted by the Dark Lord, where they proceed to fight. After sustaining damage, the Dark Lord reveals to the Slayer that the Maykrs lied to him and that he is the real Father, with VEGA confirming this to be true.

Moments after, the Dark Lord is ultimately defeated. With his dying breath, the Dark Lord asks if the Slayer has anything to say him before he is struck down, to which the Slayer responds with, "No." After stabbing Davoth in the chest, all demons outside of Hell are destroyed. However, the Slayer is weakened and eventually falls unconscious due to being powered by the Dark Lord's essence. He is then seen being sealed in his sarcophagus at the Ingmore Sanctum by three Maykrs.


All non-boss enemies from Doom Eternal’s base campaign and its expansion The Ancient Gods - Part One are included in addition to the following new enemies:



Super Heavy[]




All weapons from Doom Eternal’s base campaign and its first expansion The Ancient Gods - Part One are included with the exception of the Crucible, in addition to a new weapon called the Sentinel Hammer, which replaces the Crucible.


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