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The Ancient Gods - Part One, abbreviated in-game as Ancient Gods 1 and commonly abbreviated by fans as TAG 1, is part one of two in The Ancient Gods, a two-part campaign extension to Doom Eternal. It was announced at the launch of Eternal, and was free (on the launch of the parts) for owners of the Deluxe Edition and for people who purchased the Year One Pass. Both parts were revealed at QuakeCon 2020.[1] Part One was released on October 20, 2020.[2] It is also available through a stand-alone edition. A sequel, The Ancient Gods - Part Two, was released on March 18, 2021.


Despite having defeated the Icon of Sin and halting Hell’s invasion of Earth, the Doom Slayer’s victory over the demons did not come without cost. The death of the Khan Maykr and Hell’s conquest of Urdak have given the demons a chance to dominate all dimensions and reinitiate their invasion of Earth. To prevent this, the Doom Slayer, along with Samuel Hayden and ARC scientists, embark on a mission to find and liberate the Slayer’s ally, the Seraphim. Traveling by sea on an ARC Carrier towards the UAC Atlantica Facility, the Slayer fights his way to the Seraphim's containment pod. When Hayden requests he be uploaded into the pod, it is revealed that he and the Seraphim are one and the same.

After returning to the ARC Carrier, the Seraphim tasks the Slayer to find and retrieve the Father’s life sphere from the Blood Swamps of Hell in order to return the Father to physical form. After fighting his way through the Blood Swamps, the Slayer finds and retrieves the Father’s life sphere. However, the Slayer chooses to destroy the sphere rather than hand it to the Seraphim and instead retrieves the Dark Lord’s life sphere before returning to the ARC Carrier.

Despite most of the Carrier’s crew evacuating upon seeing the Dark Lord’s life sphere, a lone intern stays to help the Slayer reach Urdak assuming that the Slayer intends to resurrect and destroy the Dark Lord, which in effect will destroy all demons. Upon reaching the corrupted Urdak, the Doom Slayer fights his way to the Luminarium where anyone who has a life sphere may activate it. However, the Slayer is confronted by the Seraphim upon reaching the Luminarium’s entrance. Consumed by Urdak’s demonic corruption, the Seraphim is transformed into a demon and after a lengthy battle is ultimately defeated by the Slayer and is teleported away by the Father. Despite being warned that bringing the Dark Lord into physical form is irreversible, the Doom Slayer proceeds to summon him, and the Primeval manifests as a copy of the Slayer himself.


The Ancient Gods - Part One features all the non-boss enemies previously from Doom Eternal while also including some new additions.





The Ancient Gods DLC features all the weapons that were obtained from the base campaign, except for the Crucible, as the blade was broken off by the Slayer to kill the Icon of Sin in the climax of Doom Eternal.


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