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The /newstuff Chronicles is a weekly review of Doom WADs submitted to the idgames archive, posted on Doomworld. Its name is taken from the /newstuff directory, where the latest submissions to the archive can be found.

Numerous people have contributed to the weekly task of playing and reviewing new WADs in the Chronicles' long history. Originally, Flood took an in-depth look at one new release every week. Later, Andrew Bassett took over to host a weekly review of all newly released WADs. Subsequently, regular reviewers have included Liam Mason, Tom "Hyena" White, Stephen "The Ultimate DooMer" Clark, Graham "Grazza" Burgess, DD_133 and duncan. The last featured regulars were Dean "deathz0r" Joseph, Alex "AlexMax" Mayfield, and myk with Graham "Grazza" Burgess. Guest reviewers invited to fill gaps in the regular rotation were also featured as well.

After a several months long hiatus because of lack of reviewers, The /newstuff Chronicles returned in May 2008 based on a new system which allows any Doomworld forums member to choose WADs and to submit reviews for them.

Regular sections

WAD of the week

That is the title reserved for the best WAD in that newstuff review. That section is not used anymore.

The Goddamn Shithouse

This is where the worst WAD(s) go. In The /newstuff Chronicles #286 AlexMax declared there were so many terrible WADs that week that he "decided to put them all under one banner...the goddamn shithouse". WADs in The Goddamn Shithouse gets just a short comment and no screenshots. That section is not used anymore.

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