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Terry is mostly known as the creator of UAC Military Nightmare and a series of single-level WADs using vulgar dialogue, loud sounds, and experimental effects. These type of wads usually consist of incomplete maps intended to fool the player into a death trap.

He has also been known to go under different names. Those names include Dr. Tickle, Mark "Thomson" Jones, Jones Wilson, and Smashy Smith. Terry himself, in 2013, uploaded Infernal Outpost impersonating Captain Toenail. However, the wad was removed sometime later from the archives.

He is also known as one of the pioneers of the Troll WAD genre, where people make purposely-bad WADs to troll others. As of May 5, 2014, most of the WADs he made have been removed from Doomworld's /idgames by the archive manager Ty Halderman, mainly for useless lumps that bloat their file sizes. The rest of his wads were eventually moved to their own theme



  • Ghoul's Forest 4





  • UAC Internal Headquarters
  • Ancient Mountain Temple
  • Deimos Labs
  • Infernal Outpost

See also

  • Doomguy 2000, a person also known for trolling and making wads in a somewhat similar style, but uses different material.

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