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Competnftp Notes

This template is a shortcut for linking to files within the COMPET-N archive (usually containing one demo and one readme each), without having to look up the full URL each time.  It should always be used in place of the full URL, to guard against link rot.


{{External Link|site=competnftp|game/style/|text}}

game, style, and file_path all follow the COMPET-N naming conventions (please double-check if you're not sure).  As of September 2007, the text usually just repeats the name of the zip file, as in tables like this.

For example, typing

{{External Link|site=competnftp|file_path=doom/pacifist/|}}

is the same as typing


and produces

which when clicked would download Steffen Udluft's original pacifist demo of E1M3, which is of historical interest but perhaps a bit too long for the novice demo viewer.

The text argument can be omitted, in which case the link is simply auto-numbered along with other such links.