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Team Eternity is a Doom modding group founded in 1997 by James "Quasar" Haley and Joshua "Aenigma" Bimat. The group's current primary project is the Eternity Engine, an advanced Boom-compatible source port.

Current members[]

Eternity TC[]

Eternity Total Conversion began as a single-episode modification for Ultimate Doom, and then later became a 32-map project for Doom 2. Notable team members included Kristian "Ebola" Käll, David "DaGGeR" Gevert, Joe "Recidivus" Becht, and Stephen "SoM" McGranahan. Other contributors included Adam Williamson, Holger Nathrath, and Bob Satori.

The story was to focus around time travel and parallel universes caused by paradoxes. The player was to find their way into an alternate past where medieval warriors tried desperately to fight back the Hellspawn in the last human kingdom known as the Halcyon. The player was to have a friendly helper dwarf named Halif Swordsmythe (the dwarf later became the team's mascot even after the TC was canceled). New weapons were to include the flamethrower, Razor Wind, grenades, Demonic Dagger, Evil Staff, and the all-powerful Ankh of Demon's Bane. Numerous new monsters would have been created, including the Death Imp, Cyberdemon Guard, Flame Spectre, Halcyon Clerics and Warriors, Laekmir the Grand Templar, the seven Archdemon Lords, and the final boss, Beelzebub.

Despite progress being made on a number of maps, sprites, weapon renderings, game design work, and the custom modified engine, the project was overly ambitious and was never capable of acquiring the level of support that would be needed to complete it. It was finally officially canceled on June 15, 2006, after languishing in development for nine years.

Chex Quest III: The Flem Wars[]

Team Eternity's second attempt to produce a total conversion was the Chex Quest III project. Development on it ground to a halt when all of the mappers except one quit during the first week. The official Chex Quest 3 is entirely unrelated.

The Eternity Engine[]

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