Super Shotgun and Meathook

The Super Shotgun returns in Doom Eternal.

The Super Shotgun functions mostly the same as its counterpart in Doom. However, it has an additional feature in the form of the Meat Hook. This functions as a grappling hook, allowing the Doom Slayer to grapple onto enemies and drag himself towards them for a devastating close-range blast.[1] Unlike other weapons, the Super Shotgun lacks mods. However, improvements can be made.

Combat Characteristics

The Super Shotgun deals heaps of damage up close, gibbing fodder demons in one hit. It's wide spread brings down multiple fodder demons with a single shot. It's massive stopping power can cause most heavy demons to stumble. The gun retains it's usefulness at medium ranges. This makes it a usefull weapon for clearing out groups of fodder demons, or taking down particularly tanky heavy demons.

Despite this, the Super Shotgun is useless at long ranges, while it uses up lots of ammo, since it uses two shells per shot.

The meat hook is a great tool for closing the distance between enemies. It can also be used for some parts of traverseing the environment. If upgraded to the max, the Meat Hook will ignite grappled enemies, dropping Armor Shards.

Weapon Skins

As with most other weapons in Doom Eternal, the Super Shotgun has several weapon skins available. The Bloodstained skin is unlocked upon completion of the campaign.


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