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"The Vulcan 1270 Double Barrel Shotgun fires two 12-guage [sic] rounds simultaneously and can take down even the largest of game."
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The Vulcan 1270 Double Barrel Shotgun, also known as the Super Shotgun in Doom 3 is a callback of the Super Shotgun from Doom II: Hell on Earth.

The Super Shotgun cannot be found in Doom 3 but in its expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, and the BFG Edition exclusive campaign, Lost Mission.

After obtaining the Super Shotgun, the player can switch between the two shotgun versions using the "3" key (default shotgun key).

Combat analysis

A blueprint of the Super Shotgun.

The Super Shotgun of Doom 3 looks a lot like the classic Super Shotgun and has nearly equivalent strengths and weaknesses as well as having the same tactical value. Extremely powerful, firing both barrels at once will instantly kill most monsters at close range and severely wound more powerful monsters, but the shotgun loses effectiveness at long range. It reloads rather quickly but its low ammo capacity and single shot can prove slow in a crowd of monsters.

Getting ready for combat.

Unlike the standard Shotgun, the Super Shotgun only holds two shells at one time (enough for one shot from the weapon). It uses the same shotgun shell as ammunition.

Tactical Analysis

As the standard shotgun in Doom 3 possesses similar firepower as the original Super Shotgun, this iteration makes it more powerful than it's classic counterpart. It can kill any enemy up to a Revenant in one body shot, (provided that all of the pellets connect), and even an Arch-vile in one headshot. If aiming for the head, the Super Shotgun can kill powerful foes such as Hell Knights with two shots. When going against multiple foes or a powerful foe, use the Artifact so that you have enough time to successfully evade attacks and get close to a target without getting hit. Using the helltime power of the Artifact is also recommended due to the shotgun's slow reload time, which would normally make you vulnerable to fast-paced attacks from monsters such as Vulgars. The Super Shotgun is not recommended against enemies that can be killed with one shot using the regular shotgun, such as Imps and Z-Secs, although new players may use it for sure one-shot kills on enemies that require advanced tactics to be killed with one shot using the regular Shotgun, for example Tentacle Commandos and Revenants.