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"A devastating close range weapon, the Super Shotgun presents plenty of risk and reward."
― Arsenal description [src]

The Super Shotgun is a weapon featured in Doom (2016).

It's a traditional style double barreled, break action shotgun which holds 2 shots at a time which cannot be fired independently (unless upgraded). It's more powerful than the Combat Shotgun but requires frequent reloads due to the small capacity. Unlike most weapons, no modifications can be added to the Super Shotgun, though specific improvements can be made.


In singleplayer, the Super Shotgun does damage of 60 per pellet with 16 pellets a shot, doing up to 960 damage before reloading. With the Double Trouble upgrade, it deals 1920dmg before reloading. This is balanced out by a low fire rate and a large, wide oval spread pattern.


The Super Shotgun can be found in a variety of locations. The first is a secret in the level Argent Energy Tower. The first open location is on the way to the Argent Tower, in an elevator room with the AutoMap and where the player sees Olivia Pierce with the Argent Accumulator. The next location which seems to be the required location is in the Kadingir Sanctum, right before the Baron of Hell is introduced.


The Super Shotgun shares its ammo pool with the Combat Shotgun. The player can increase his max ammo cap by using Argent Energy Cells and allocating its power to "Ammo" subsystem.

"Ammo" Level Max Ammo
1 20
2 30
3 40
4 50
5 60


These upgrades will increase the effectiveness of this weapon.
Faster Reload Decreases the time to reload the next shot. 3 / 6 Weapon Upgrade Points
Uranium Coating Shots penetrate through targets.
Double Trouble Fire twice with the Super Shotgun before having to reload. Purchase all upgrades and complete the Weapon Mastery challenge


The Super Shotgun is a very useful, indispensable weapon. It lends itself particularly well when the player is being assaulted at close range by powerful enemies such as Hell Knights, Summoners, Revenants, or Mancubi. While it may not kill each one of these enemies with a single blast, it still usually causes them to stagger and throw them off balance, disrupting their attacks. It is recommended to strafe around and dodge as close as possible to each enemy before firing to maximize the number of pellets that hit. Since this is the only weapon without mods, it is easy to fully upgrade this weapon in a short time. A fully upgraded Super Shotgun will give it a higher rate of fire and additional shot count before it reloads, making it more devastating for players to take out even powerful demons within a short period of time. 


The Super Shotgun can be unlocked in the multiplayer at level 2 (it's also available to use in level 1 by choosing "Assault" default loadout). The player spawns with 16 shells (24 is the max ammo). It fires 16 pellets with 5 damage per pellet, dealing up to 80 damage at a rate of about 1500 milliseconds. The weapon features two fire modes:

  • Primary Fire - A break-action double barrel shotgun that fires a wide spread of buckshot.
  • Weapon Mod - Constricts the variable choke system retrofit into each barrel for a tighter spread pattern (Hold the Weapon Mod button).


  • The reload upgrade will not work if the Super Shotgun melee attack is quickly used right after firing.
  • The design of the Super Shotgun resembles the Double Barreled Shotguns from Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, First Quake.
  • The Super Shotgun appears in Shadow Warrior 2 as The Stick of Doom.
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