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The unnamed hero of Strife stands triumphant against the dark alien known as The Entity, completed Sigil in hand.

Strifeguy is the unnamed hero in the game Strife: Quest for the Sigil. The manual describes him as being a wandering mercenary who has been lead to a town, Tarnhill, by the rumors of a conflict between The Order and The Front, which is currently under martial law. He has been framed for looting, and he is disarmed and hauled away to the local sewage plant by a couple of Acolytes for questioning, but they really intend to execute him quickly and dispose of his remains in the muck, though he still has his concealed dagger on him. He is also stated to be completely human, unlike the Order's troops, who are fused with mechanical enhancements.

Although the player sprites in the game depict him as a slightly more unique looking Front soldier, the in-game artwork depicts him in the cut-scenes as a blond man with a blue cape, a red vest made of leather armor, and blue elbow-length gloves; while during gameplay his gloves are light gray, cover only the palms and fingers, strapped on the wrist. In addition to gloves, he wears a bracer with electronics on his right arm (and possibly on his left arm). Presumably, this is where the communicator, computer map, and scanner are plugged in.