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To use a cheat code in most versions of Strife, one simply types the code while playing (this also applies while in automap mode). After the last letter has been entered, a message of acknowledgement will appear at the top of the screen. The status bar and ingame view may also change, depending on the effects of the code. All of the codes for the original game work in all source ports, unless otherwise noted. These codes do not work in the shareware version.

Cheat codes[]

Note that using any cheat code in The Original Strife: Veteran Edition disables achievements.

omnipotent1 Sets health to 100% and makes player immune to damage ("God mode").
elvis No clipping (the player can walk through walls, characters, and obstacles, climb high ledges instantly, and pass through items and across all tagged linedefs with no effect).
stonecold Kills everyone on the current level.
lego Each time entered, gives one piece of the Sigil. If the player has the full sigil assembled, this cheat will also remove it.
boomstix Gives all weapons and full ammo.
donnytrump Gives full money and all artifacts.
goto## Warps to level MAP## (demo only).
jimmy Gives all keys.
pumpup1 Gives all accessories.
rift## Warps to level MAP##.
spin## Plays music from level MAP##.
scoot# Jumps player to specific entrance on current map. (Usually numbers in a row (0, 1, 2, etc.) but sometimes skipped.)
topo1 First time: full automap (reveals unexplored areas).

Second time: full automap with items and enemies.

Third time: back to normal. (Similar to Doom's IDDT)

gps Shows position on map.
gripper Toggle "lead boots" on/off.
dots Toggles developer mode and activates ticks-per-frame counter.

1. Does not work in Strife: Veteran Edition.

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