Strawberry Doom is a Doom source port forked from Chocolate Doom by GhostlyDeath. It aims to include the extended limitations of Doom plus, splitscreen, bots, and a few multiplayer features (possibly including capture the flag mode in the future); all while maintaining Vanilla Doom compatibility as much as possible (as well as multiplayer with Chocolate Doom servers/clients, in compatible games).

New/improved features

  • Strawberry Doom

    No, bot, you can't get the shotgun.

    Improved multiplayer spy mode (optional) which will change the automap, status bar and several other parameters to those of the player being spied on.
  • In-game scoreboard (shows the currents scores of every player in the game. Also in cooperative mode and when playing back demos, player's life and armor are shown as bars).
  • Doom plus limit increases (note, Chocolate Doom already removes the demo and savegame limits optionally).
  • Bots, If you want to play with bots, you may add the -ingamebots n parameter, where n is a number from 1-3. Other command line options for bots is -botXskill n where X is the bot number (1-3) and skill is 1-5.
  • Semi-Team play support, using -teamX n where X is 1-4 and n is a list of players ("-team1 13" will add Green and Indigo to team 1). All players should specify the same team settings.

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