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The Stone Imp (playfully called the "Stimp" by the community) is a variant of Imp that appears in Doom Eternal's second expansion, The Ancient Gods - Part Two. They are Imps who have previously fallen in battle, and were subsequently resurrected with stone-like hides and the ability to channel Hellfire before being redeployed to continue their fight.

Their skin is nearly impervious to all physical damage, however they do have one weakness in the form of powerful vibrations, which can very easily tear through their new defenses.

In-Game Description[]


Imps that lost their lives on the battlefield are cast into the volcanic pits of the Burning Abyss. Bathed in Argent-befouled basalt and slag, they emerge reborn with flesh of stone. The new hide of the Stone Imp is impenetrable to most known weapons; only rapid multi-vibrations or the crushing force of a Sentinel Hammer can damage their rocky exterior. In addition to their regained agility, Stone Imps can channel the pits of their rebirth and self-immolate in Hellfire.

Combat Analysis[]

The Stone Imp behaves almost identically to their standard counterpart, if slightly faster. They throw fireballs of various sizes at the Slayer, and will swipe and claw at him when he's close. They also have a new attack: when left idle, a Stone Imp will set itself aflame and rapidly roll in place before launching itself at the Doom Slayer. While not particularly damaging, the collision creates disorienting screen affects even more intense than those caused by a Pinky charge; this confusion could easily leave the player open for further attacks and charges.

As their name suggests, Stone Imps are extremely resilient, taking little damage from nearly all weapons. The sole exceptions are the Full Auto mod for the Combat Shotgun and the Sentinel Hammer, both of which will swiftly destroy a Stone Imp; the former is even encouraged with their tendency to drop shotgun shells when killed by Full Auto. A lesser known weakness has also been found in the Micro-Missiles mod for the Heavy Cannon. They also only require one burst from the Unmaykr. Two to three charges of the Destroyer Blade mod of the Ballista can also instantly kill them. This is desirable as the wide arc of the projectile can potentially hit all surrounding Stone Imps and any subsequent demon that is within range.



  • The Stone Imp's rolling attack is similar to the Spin Dash maneuver from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.