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The Static Rifle, also known as the Static Cannon, is a weapon featured in Doom (2016).


The Static Rifle can be unlocked in the multiplayer at level 16. The weapon was introduced into the game to help discourage camping tactics, thanks to its unique charging method. As the wielder moves around, the weapon charges up and increases in power; however, if the player stays idle, the weapon's charge drains. The player spawns with 12 ammo (20 is the max ammo). The weapon features two fire modes:

  • Primary Fire - A single shot. The weapon does 20 damage, but can do 60 damage or 79 precision damage when fully charged.
  • Weapon Mod - Zooms the weapon for better precision at long-range (Hold the Weapon Mod button).


  • The Static Rifle's name is rather ironic; the word 'static' means stationary in weapon terminology, but the Static Rifle can only be used to its fullest capability by moving around.
  • A picture of the Static Rifle can be seen on a screen in the Advanced Research Complex.