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Stan Blazkowicz is a Marine and one of three protagonists in Doom II RPG. According to John Romero and Tom Hall,  B.J. is Keen's Grandfather, and Stan is another Blazkowicz, Keen's grandson and the ancestor of Doomguy.[1][2] In the Wolfenstein RPG the Harbinger of Doom predicted that William J. Blazkowiz's descendants would fight him again.[3]


Like his relative B.J Blazkowicz, he is also descended from the WW2 hero William J. Blazkowicz. He has followed in his brother/cousin/clone's foot steps, in assisting in saving the universe.

Sergeant Blazkowicz is the subordinate of Major Kira Morgan, and is part of her squad along with Riley O'Connor, the Marine squad's resident scientist. Their squad was sent to Tycho Station on the Moon in preparation to research events on Mars to learn more concerning the Mars Incident. But they encounter a new incursion on the moon, and are forced to travel to Earth, and Hell itself.

Personality and traits[]

Unless you play as Sarge he is the strong quiet type and the beginning Morgan chooses to show at behind he says nothing. If O'Conner chooses to stay behind he also remains silent. He only speaks up if he chooses to stay behind.

He apparently does not know of his relative's survival in the Mars Incident a year before. UAC's public released records only indicate there were 'no survivors' (the real truth was classified, and the final outcome of B.J. Blazkowicz is left unknown).

Titles and Nicknames[]

  • Sarge
  • Cigar


Behind the scenes[]

For all intents and purposes Stan is a deliberate call-back to the traditional Doom's protagonist, and how John Romero and Tom Hall wished for all of id Software's protagonists to be descended from the Blazkowicz family. That being said, Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal do not appear to treat the events of the RPG games as canon (although soft reboot's story covers a Doom multiverse (Spacetime), and placement of Classic Doom has always been in flux as it's placement in the timeline). The official site for Doom RPG states that the Doom Marine is the same one from Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3, and that it represents a 'return to Mars' (a nod to events of Doom 3). Doom (2016)/Eternal shares inspiration from Doom 3, but appears to be a separate universe. While classic Doom to Doom 64 is an alternate universe as well, but one which Slayer has come from and traveled into alternate universe (original Doom Marine tends be based on a mix match of sources including console games, original pc games, comics and even the novels).

However the Marine of Doom II may or may not be the same character or a separate character (giving the possibility he's actually Stan) from the Doom I character depending on different manuals and websites. His backstory differs from that of the original Doom character in that he fought on UAC Mars Base and escaped in a drop ship. Whereas as original Doom character fought in Phobos and Mars and in both original Doom and Ultimate Doom reaches earth via transporter gateways. Although this would also technically fit the "return to Mars" reference for this character as well, Stan in comic never was on Mars during the RPG's Mars Incident and separate from the hero in that game.

Depending on which character is chosen, the other two leave with Caldex to take part on their own paths through the base. Stan's last name is a reference to the protagonist of Wolfenstein William "BJ" Blazkowicz. This means perhaps that Stan and B.J. Blazkowicz (Doom) are related somehow.

An individual mentioned in a log in the Entrance (Doom RPG) is also named B.J. Blazkowicz (Doom RPG) in Doom RPG. An obvious easter egg. It is unclear if the message is addressed to another individual or the Marine player character. The latter is possible. The message directs he player to a secret hidden room in the Entrance holding a shotgunt.