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The Spiked Gauntlets are the first of four weapons used by Baratus the Fighter in Hexen and are available from the start of the game. They are a pair of heavy, metallic gauntlets with spikes on the knuckles used to beat down enemies at melee range, still longer range than most other melee creatures. Despite being a low tier weapon, the spiked gauntlets pack quite a punch, able to kill an Ettin with three hits. Every third hit will deal double damage, with the animation showing a visibly meatier punch. After that, or if the player hits a wall or air, the counter is reset.

The spiked gauntlets require no mana to work, increasing their versatility, and although they have decent damage and attack rate, once the powerful Timon's Axe becomes available, the player will hardly use the gauntlets as long as mana is available, unless facing one or a couple ettins, of which it's not worth wasting the mana.

The Spiked Gauntlets in action, beating down an Ettin.

The idle frame looks very similar to that of the Gauntlets of the Necromancer in Heretic.