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The Spectre is a transparent Pinky and is a returning enemy in Doom (2016). They are the result of UAC experiments gone wrong. They first appear in the Rune Trials in Lazarus Labs.

In-Game Description


The Spectre is the unfortunate result of a misguided attempt to genetically modify the Pinky. Several Pinkies were gathered during the first Lazarus Project's Tethering Operation (MTC 2146/351). Four of the captured beasts were vivisected. While three of these experiments resulted in the death of the subject, one resulted in a Pinky with limited psionic abilities. In an attempt to increase its ocular capacity, the optic nerve of a Cacodemon was transplanted into the Pinky. After the operation, the animal was returned to its enclosure to recover. It is believed the beast was accidentally released from its pen when its keeper, thinking the invisible Spectre had escaped, opened the gate. Several months after the first Spectre went missing, the second Tethering Operation (MTC 2147/016) captured two fertile specimens. Presumably, the original Spectre wandered into the Lazarus Wave testing facility and was teleported back to Hell by a Summoner. It is unknown how the Spectre managed to breed, but the psionic trait was carried to the offspring.

Besides psionic invisibility, there are no known differences between the Pinky and Spectre.

Combat Characteristics

In combat Spectres have the same abilities as Pinkies, the only difference being their translucent bodies. The Spectre will typically attempt to use its near-invisible body to its advantage by sneaking up on the player and biting them, though they will exhibit the same charging attacks as well if they can acquire an uninterrupted path to the player.


The Spectre is physically identical to an ordinary Pinky, the only difference being the Spectre's almost transparent body. The Spectre constantly phases in and out of view, and they typically match the lighting and look of their surroundings akin to the cloaking effect of the Predator or the color-mimicking abilities of an octopus. Occasionally when killed, the Spectre will lose its transparent skin and resemble an ordinary Pinky.

Tactical Analysis

Spectres fight similarly to Pinkies and same tactics can be utilized to kill them. However, Spectres have far less armour at the front, making them much easier to kill on the front compared to its visible brethren. It shall also be noted that the Lock-On Burst mod for the Rocket Launcher will not lock-on to the Spectres. 


The Spectre is also a playable demon in Multiplayer, appearing in the third multiplayer pack, Bloodfall. Like in campaign, the Spectre is translucent, making it difficult to spot. This near-invisibility can be used to sneak up on enemies and bite them, resulting in a glory kill. The Spectre can also perform a bullrush; charging straight ahead and insta-killing all in the demon's path at the loss of near-invisibility for the duration of the bullrush.