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"Command HQ, this is Specialist Wilson. My team is gone - they're all dead. I'm running blind here, what are my orders? Over."
― Specialist Wilson [src]

Specialist Wilson was a marine stationed on Mars.

After the player obtains the ACO Keycard in Doom 3, Specialist Wilson can be heard asking Command HQ for orders over the radio, stating that his whole team has been killed. Sergeant Thomas Kelly responds, telling Wilson to fortify his last known rally point and wait for help. The player does not hear him over the radio again.

Whilst his fate is unknown, he was the last surviving member of his team and on his own, hinting that he was most likely killed or turned into a Zombie during the demon invasion.


  • Specialist Wilson is not encountered directly, but he is most likely a technology or weapons specialist, possibly a demolitionist, heavy weapons operator, or similar.
    • Possible factual error: Assuming that the fictional UN Space Marine Corps uses the same ranking system as the real-life US Marine Corps, then Wilson should be a Corporal, as the rank of Specialist is only used by the Army.[1]
  • During his radio transmission, the sound of a plasma gun being reloaded/charged can be heard at one point, pointing out that Wilson had access to a superior tier of weaponry as opposed to regular security personnel.
    • If this is true, then it's possible that his body could be at EnPro Plant, where there is a corpse of a marine with a plasma gun lying nearby, where the player is guided by a sentry bot in a room filled with Maggots and Imps.
  • Specialist Wilson may be related to Phil Wilson.