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Energy rifle

Kinetic Damage: 300lbs

Thermal Damage: 400C

Range: 150 metres

Speed: 100mph

RPT: 10

Soldier Armour

Kinetic Resistance: 500lbs

Thermal Resistance: 150C

Speed: 15mph

Other abilities

-Booster pack (allows 15 metre high jump per use)

Cost: 10,000

The Soldier (Blaster) (also called a Hellified Soldier) is a monster in Doom Eternal, taking the place of the possessed soldier from Doom (2016). It reprises its role as an armed former human for the first time in a main-series Doom game since Doom 64, with a design heavily inspired by its appearance in that game (which was in turn directly based on the original). Like the possessed soldier before it, the soldier attacks with a plasma-powered, projectile-based weapon which can either be fired off in single shots or charged up for a slower but more powerful blast. A version with a shield exists, like the Possessed security, named Soldier (Shield); while durable, shots from the plasma rifle will cause the shield to overload and kill its user. Like all monsters in the game, the soldier is highly mobile - he even has a jet booster which allows him to make high jumps.

The soldier seems to retain even more intelligence than its forebears and speaks with others of its kind in a low-pitched demonic voice - this is similar to the radio chatter used by the likewise intelligent Z-Secs of Doom 3.