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A Slaughtaur on a ledge in Hub 3: Heresiarch's Seminary

Slaughtaurs are enemies in Hexen.

Slaughtaurs are identical in every way to Centaurs, but have one extra attack: magical fireballs that fly fast and without any real warning towards the player, making them far more dangerous foes than their Centaurian brethren, if not making them the most dangerous enemy in the entire game. These fireballs come from the skulls on their shields and can be shot two at a time. In addition, Slaughtaurs possess 250 hit points each, in comparison to the 200 hit points possessed by a regular Centaur.

Note that when a Slaughtaur is holding up its shield to fire, it is vulnerable to attack, even though its pose is the same as if it was in a defensive state. As well, Slaughtars have a nasty habit of shooting their fireballs right after using their shields to protect themselves, something a player may/will not anticipate.