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Doom Eternal has added several skins for the Slayer and the Demons. Although the Slayer's skins are available in the campaign mode, the demon skins are exclusive to the Battle Mode feature.

If you want to know how to get a specific slayer skin, open the image of the skin you're interested on and click on "More info" and read the summary

Slayer Skins[]

Pain Elemental Skins[]

Mancubus Skins[]

Archvile Skins[]

Revenant Skins[]

Marauder Skins[]

Weapon Skins[]

Upcoming (With Pictures)[]

Skins Revealed in Doom Eternal Artwork[]

Leaked Skin Names[]

The Slayer

  • 2 New Classic Skin Variants
  • Flame Head Slayer
  • Neon Slayer

Pain Elemental

  • 2Pain (Possibly the McPain Skin)
  • Commando Pain Elemental
  • Cultist Pain Elemental
  • Molten Pain Elemental
  • Tiger Pain Elemental
  • Zebra Pain Elemental
  • Sentinal Pain Elemental


  • Hotdogubus 
  • Molten Mancubus 
  • Rock Mancubus 
  • Rune Mancubus 


  • Classic Archvile
  • Maykr Archvile
  • Molten Archvile


  • Cobweb Revenant (Possibly the Webenant skin)
  • Cyberpunk Revenant? 
  • Flame Skull Head Revenant 
  • Infernal Revenant 
  • Spooky Ghost Revenant 


  • Heavy Metal Marauder (Possibly the Cultist Marauder skin)