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The Shotgun Guys, sometimes referred to by different names by different sources, are recurring enemies in the DOOM franchise.


  • Very large groups of Shotgun Guys may suffer significant losses from infighting (as with the red key area in the user made URMEAT.WAD) simply because of the sheer number of pellets being fired.
  • Certain stock maps (especially those of Knee-Deep in the Dead) include a large number of additional Shotgun Guys on UV as compared with the lower skill levels. Their dropped shotguns greatly increase the number of shells available to the player.
  • Despite being called a "Sergeant" in the manuals, the Shotgun Guy has the type name MT_SHOTGUY in the Doom source code, and the sprite prefix SPOS, while the analogous MT_SERGEANT and SARG are given to the Demon. This is arguably because the Demon was initially named "Demon Sergeant" in the Doom Bible (section 7.2).
  • In a ZDOOM-based source port, if the player is killed by a Shotgun Guy (monster is credited with delivering the blow that reduces player's health to 0%), an obituary message is displayed at the top of the screen: "[player name] was shot by a Sergeant".
  • Despite the fact that they share a Speed value of 8 with the Zombieman, they actually move slightly faster; this is because of a strange quirk of the Zombieman in the code, in which their A_Chase intervals are 4 tics apart instead of the 3 of the Shotgun Guy and Imp, resulting in them moving at 70 map units per second as opposed to 93.3.
  • Shotgun Guys are commonly mistaken to be armored, however, their low health and nearly-identical shirts to the Zombiemen indicate that they are not wearing any body armor, unlike the Chaingunner or the player. This would explain their low health, as a few pistol shots or a single shotgun blast would realistically kill a Human.

Other games[]

Doom 3[]

See Z-Sec

Doom 64[]

The Shotgun Guy makes an appearance in DOOM 64, but interestingly enough, they use the sprites of the Zombiemen, but with different palettes applied to change their suit to more like the original Zombiemen, making both monsters extremely difficult to differentiate in the game's darkness. In this game, Zombiemen have green pants, while Shotgun Guys have grey ones. They first appear in MAP01: Staging Area. As with Zombiemen, they are left-handed.

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