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Serpent Staff Small

The Serpent Staff, as seen in the player's hand and in a level.


The Serpent Staff 3D model replacement.

The Serpent Staff is a weapon from Hexen, the second of four weapons available to the Cleric. It resembles a short, snakeskin-bound staff with a large reptilian eye set into the headpiece. The eye blinks every so often when the weapon is not being fired. The neck of the weapon has the trident of Neptune on it, the symbol of the Serpent Riders.

The weapon fires twin magical projectiles at a decent rate. When used in melee no bolts are fired, but the staff will instead leech the life of the nearby monster and heal the player 1-4 points of health for each attack. Each attack, both ranged and melee, costs one point of Blue Mana.

Like the other classes's second weapon this weapon is first encountered in the first hub, but the exact location depends on difficulty: On Altar boy and acolyte it is found on the Seven Portals, while on priest and up it is found in the Guardian of Steel.