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The Machine that stores the Sentry Bots.

A weapon in Doom II RPG, which can be used in various tactical ways to attack enemies. A sentry bot can attack enemies, collect items dropped by them or even collect crates. However, it cannot open doors. A sentry bot can be ordered to return back to it's owner by touching # in the Nokia versions or by touching bottom right corners of the Iphone version. Doing so will recall the various items it has collected. A sentry bot will be also forced to return back to the player if its owner is attacked by Hellspawn while being deployed. The player can only hold one Sentry Bot at any given time, any extra Sentry Bots will be discarded once the player receives another one. There are two different versions of Sentry bots in the game, which are....

The Shooting Sentry Bot[]

This version of Sentry Bot is equipped with an Assault Rifle, deals around the same damage as the player's own Assault Rifle. The stronger (red) Sentry Bot also holds an Assault Rifle, but the damage it deals with the upgraded version is unknown, but it is presumably much higher than its' green/white counterpart.

The Exploding Sentry Bot[]

This version of Sentry Bot is equipped with a self destruct function, when activated will deal an estimated 50-60 damage to surrounding Hellspawn. However, the stated numbers above are only for the weaker sentry bot. The damage it will cause to its surrounding when self destructed is also unidentified, but it can be assumed to be much more deadly than its weaker version.


A Sentry Bot when deployed.


  • If you use a Sentry Bot to interact with the first corrupted terminal in the Cichus facility, VIOS will say "A sentry bot. How quaint. Put it away."