The Sentry bot is a security robot used in all places of Mars city in Doom 3.They are equipped with a Machine-gun and a Flashlight.They were constructed by Mixom Corporation to supply the UAC.However,they were many problems with them.For example,an UAC employee was almost slain by a Sentry Bot,because he had a system failure.Fortunaly,a nearby marine unit was able to dissable it.At the beginning of the game they can be seen in the marine HQ.In the game,a Sentry Bot will follow you at the Mars City Underground elevator.When the demons invade the base,most of the Sentry Bots were destroyed or they have been dispersed.If you find one of them,it will help you to take out many demons tht you could not face alone.They can be seen in mars City,in ENPRO plant and in communications Tower.

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