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Sentinel Prime is the eighth level of the campaign in Doom Eternal.


You've traveled through the core of Mars, arriving at the ancient city of Sentinel Prime. You have sovereignty in this unholy place... for now. The great Slayer was once a warrior king in this world - tradition grants you safe passage but the completion of your mission will come at a price. Hell Priest Grav is waiting.


The Slayer arrives at Sentinel Prime. As he begins exploring the once holy city, he experiences flashbacks to the first time he arrived on Argent D'Nur - back when he was still Doomguy. He had been found badly wounded by the Sentinels, who brought him before the Deag Priests. Recognizing that the Doomguy still had fight in him, the Priests forced him to battle in the arena. The Doomguy beat all of his opponents, but he wouldn't stop ranting about demons and his need to kill them all. The Khan Maykr witnessed this and ordered the priests to bring the Doomguy to her so she could learn more about the demons.

Back in the present, the Khan Maykr attempts to persuade the Slayer give up his fight to save Earth. She even offers to restore what the demons took from him long ago if he stops his quest. The Slayer is undeterred and proceeds into the arena where he confronts Deag Grav. Grav mocks the Slayer and says that if he (the Slayer) spills Sentinel blood here, the Slayer will lose all sovereignty on this world. The Hell Priest then unleashes the Gladiator on the Slayer. After a vicious battle, the Slayer triumphs. Still thinking the Slayer won't kill him, Grav starts to mock him again, but the Slayer blows his head off in mid-sentence with the Super shotgun. With the third and final Hell Priest dead, the demonic consumption of Earth is brought to a halt.

The Khan Maykr is infuriated by the Slayer's actions and the Sentinel guards turn against him. VEGA opens a portal and the Slayer escapes through it.


Mission challenges

There are no mission challenges for this level.


  • Colliseum

Fast Travel Locations

  • Holy Pathway
  • Altar
  • Training Hall
  • Dungeons


Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Thumbs Down.png Thumbs Down Best the Gladiator in the coliseum 25 Silver




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