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Doom Eternal sentinel crystal

Sentinel Crystals are a type of pickup item that appear in Doom Eternal, taking the place of the Argent Cell from the 2016 game. When collected, a Sentinel Crystal will open up a menu that allows the player to select between health, armor, and ammo upgrades, four of each being attached to six perks. When both upgrades on a perk have been made, the perk is enabled.

Each upgrade can increase

  • Maximum health by 25 points (up to 200)
  • Maximum armor by 25 points (up to 150)
  • Maximum ammo capacity by:
    • 2 shells (up to 24)
    • 30 bullets (up to 180)
    • 25 cells (up to 250)
    • 1 rocket (up to 13)


  • Quickdraw Belch - Flame belch takes less time to cooldown
  • Loot Magnet - Resource drops get pulled in from much further away
  • Napalm Belch - Heavy and super heavy demons stay on fire longer
  • Health for Blood - When at maximum health, all health pickups are used to recharge the blood punch
  • Belch Armor Boost - Demons drop armor shards at a faster rate
  • Armor for Blood - When at maximum armor, all armor pickups are used to recharge the blood punch