32X Doom

A screenshot from the 32X version of Doom

The 32X version of Doom was published by Sega in 1994. Features the first two episodes but lacks the famed BFG9000, although a cheat code can give the weapon to the player. This version lacks a multiplayer mode. The game disappointed many fans since it did not play in a full screen, was missing many levels from other versions of the game, and only had the front sprite for the monsters. Oddly, a DOS prompt (C:>) appears after the credits following the final level, locking up the game, however this only appears if the player uses a cheat code or starts from any level besides level 1.

Due to the 32X's infamous sound chip, this version's soundtrack is noticeably inferior to that of other versions. Many sound effects are also missing. As with the Atari Jaguar version, the levels have been edited and the game does not feature the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind or the Spectre. There is also no way to save games (although there is a level select option that allows the player to start on any of the first fifteen levels. However, if the level select option is used, players do not see the real ending to the game).

Like the Jaguar and Super Nintendo versions, Circlestrafing is not possible here, even though the Genesis controller has 6 buttons available, whereas the 3DO version managed to include this feature with only 5 buttons available, as well as the GBA with only 4.


  • Some status bar face graphics are flipped left to right with respect to the originals, so that when the Doomguy takes damage, the part in his hair appears to jump from side to side. [1]
  • The BFG plasma ball uses the same sprites as the Baron of Hell plasma. [2]
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