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Sector 1 is a level in Doom RPG.


Doom RPG Sector 1

Map of Sector 1


  1. Head west, passing through the room with five pillars. You will reach a room with eight doors.
  2. The doors are all locked except the door at the end of the corridor on the left (the south-west door). Enter this and talk to Dr. Guerard. Use the computer console here.
  3. Each door leads to another small room with a computer console. Each console will open another door. Continue this process of opening doors until the door at the end of the corridor opens (to the west).
  4. Head south. Talk to the civilian and Dr. Guerard. Eventually the civilian will offer a passcode in exchange for ten credits.
  5. Go north to find a computer console next to a locked door. Use the console and enter the passcode obtained from the civilian (the code is 225).
  6. Go east to find another locked door with a computer console. The passcode for this door is 1010 (this can be found in e-mail on another computer console in the area).
  7. Talk to Dr. Guerard, who will give you health. Go east to find the exit back to the Junction.


  • 5 Total: 15,11 - 18,10 - 11,25 - 11,27 - 8,3


  • 5 secrets
  • 50 monsters

Map data[]


  • Green Door


  • Chaingun (in secret)