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Seamus J. Blake (Identification Number: 6805-14) is a mentioned character in Doom 3. A technician assigned to the Communications Facility on Mars, his PDA can be found in the Main Communications Room, which can unlock the access to Engineering.

PDA contents[]

Audio Logs[]

Module Replacement[]

This is the audio log of technician Seamus... (static), dated October 16th, 2145.

Our relatively new remote module replacement procedures are taking some time for maintenance technicians to adjust to. In the long run, it's a much safer, quicker and easier method. Once a technician receives a call, he simply locates the problem module and gives a replacement command through the remote terminal located in the main comm block. This will initiate the replacement procedure as well as create a repair report, which notifies the repair team of an incoming module so minor repairs can be done on site with normal equipment. I'm hoping the new system will need less and less use once the source of the recent power fluctuations is located and solved. System is built to handle most other things with its automated recovery system.


Your receipt # 9318691220 (10-10-2145)[]

Order Number: M8909848
Receipt Date: 10/10/2145
Order Total: $269.83
Billed To: Universal Credit

Crater Classic Music thanks you for your order

Those who purchased your selection (Champagne Tomiko by the ZSecs) also purchased:
The Head On My Tongue - Hellish Dragons
20th Century Classics - Various Artists

Please retain for your records

The entire Crater team thanks you

Question?? (10-11-2145)[]

Hey Seamus...

What the hell is up with the Sentry Bots that are stationed in Engineering. I thought you told me this was a better place to work than Admin. Why do you get to hang around the Main Communications room while I'm stuck down here?



  • One of the emails on Blake's PDA is a receipt confirming his recent purchase of a song before providing a list of recommended ones from other artists. The songs and artists reference a few enemies the player fights in the game, such as: