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The Screecher Zombie, sometimes referred to simply as Screecher, is an enemy introduced in The Ancient Gods - Part Two, the second major campaign extension for Doom Eternal.

In-Game Description


The Screechers were once human worshippers of the Ra’ltha Va’Tuum, an ancient Hell cult, but instead of being rewarded for their devotion, they were tortured in the Citadel of Anguish for millennia. They became malformed by their frustrations of life-long deceit. Their blood-curdling screams of anger had fermented into something far more potent, an intoxicating power desired by all demon-kind.


The Screecher behaves and looks identical to the normal Zombie, but with a purple carapace and a similarly-colored aura around its body. When slain, it releases a loud screech (hence the name) and a wave of energy that makes every other demon in the area (with the exception of other Screecher Zombies) take less damage and move faster than usual. This forces you to be more wary of the type of weapons you choose and your surroundings. Explosives are very likely to trigger the Screecher's buff, so you will have to plan accordingly; take note of where they are and guide the other demons away from them.

The Screecher Zombie's buff can be described as a mix between the buffs of a Buff Totem and a Spirit. Screecher-buffed enemies move faster, hit harder, can't be faltered, and can't be frozen by the Ice Bomb. Fortunately, the buff isn't permanent, and enemy weak points can still be destroyed.

Unlike normal Zombies, Screecher Zombies cannot be killed by the Chainsaw. They die automatically if they are the only demon type remaining in an encounter (and thus have no allies left to buff).