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"NO, GOD! JESUS CHRIST, NO! Aggghh....ugh...!"
― Scotty's dying words  [src]

Scotty is a minor character in Doom 3. He was a maintenance technician assigned to Mars City Underground.

When the player enters the Energy Stabilization Unit, Ross Fry can be seen arguing with an unseen Scotty, who is replacing power couplings in a maintenance shaft.

During the demon invasion, both Scotty and Ross are killed by an Imp. When the player passes through the area where they were last seen arguing, Scotty's dying screams can be heard coming from the maintenance shaft, and Ross's remains can also be found. If the player looks into the shaft, an Imp will crawl out and attack the player.


  • Scotty may be a reference to the character "Scotty" from Star Trek.
  • Killing Ross will cause Scotty to suddenly respond "Ross? Hey, what the hell's going on up there?"
    • If Ross is killed during Scotty's speech, there is a bug in which Scotty will say his two lines at the same time.
  • Scotty doesn't have a character model, thus only his voice appear to exist in the game. If the player uses the noclip cheat, getting into the vent will lead to a blackened part of the game's map.