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Satan is the leader of hell


Satan doesn't give second chances, and neither do his playmates.[1]and i like that

There is nothing new about Satan... He's been around since before biblical times. Why, you can't go to church without hearing about the Prince of Darkness.

After escaping Deimos, the Marine is transported to the surface of Hell itself, where he continued duking it out with the bad guys, to avoid joining their ranks and worshipping the fallen one.[2]

The Book of Mormon states, that Satan stirreth them up continually to anger one with another.[3] In Dante’s Ninth Circle of Hell the devil himself is imprisoned in ice, spending eternity chewing on Judas.

Jonathan Isshi references the Devil in Doom 3; "The Devil is real. I know, I built his cage."

Titles and nickname

  • The Devil

Note: In Doom (2016)/Doom Eternal lore the leader of hell is so far only known as the Dark Lord, the Nameless One, Infernal Master, and Lord of Hell. Very little is known about the Dark Lord, and it may not even be Satan.

Ingame sightings

Images of Satan, Beelzebub, or Baphomet can be found throughout the series on stone work, especially after entering Hell.

Satan is mentioned in the Doom strategy guide, and the novels.

In the 2016's reboot of the game It is established that the Icon of Sin is the demonization of the betrayer's resurrected son. Thus hinting that he and Satan are probably different entities. In DooM 2 ingame, DooM 3 and DOOM (2016) "Satan" is not mentioned.

Samuel Hayden's name may be a play on "S. Hayden" or 'Shaytan/Shaitan' the Muslim name for the Devil. Samuel could also be an allusion to "Samael" in some Christian or Gnostic traditions a fallen archangel sometimes attributed to being Satan, and the Devil.

Satanic/Satanism (or Satan) is sometimes mentioned in Doom ads such as the ad for Jaguar Doom.

Satan as the "Devil" is alluded to in Doom 3.[6]

Non-Canon appearances

The name Satan Appears in the ending of Classic DooM's unofficial 5th Episode: Sigil, where It is explained Satan had bade Baphomet to bring Doomguy back to Hell without realizing that Doom Guy was the reason the invasion on Mars failed.

Baphomet was only doing Satan's bidding by bringing you back to Hell. Somehow they didn't understand that you're the reason they failed in the first place.

After mopping up the place with your arsenal, you're ready to face the more advanced demons that were sent to Earth. Lock and load. Rip and tear. " Besides this mention, the bosses for sigil are a Spider Mastermind followed by a Cyberdemon. Satan, called by this name, never appeared in the game, leading some to believe that Satan and the Icon of Sin were the same entity in the classic DooM, but that was never confirmed.

Whispers of Satan is a megawad series.


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