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The Sapphire Wand is a weapon from Hexen, the starting weapon of the Mage. It is a long metallic staff adorned with a large sapphire. The staff fires fast-moving magical blue darts, capable of piercing multiple enemies on a line pattern, and as with other starting weapons requires no mana. Although it causes the least damage per shot, it is the only starting weapon that can attack from a distance, offsetting the Mage's physical weakness. It resembles the Elven Wand from Heretic. Wheras the first weapons of the fighter and the cleric, are generally used as last resort, the mage's wand has its uses beyond that.

The Sapphire Wand is more effective at long range than the Frost Shards, the Mage's second weapon. Also, since the projectile rips through several enemies at once, it is very effective against columns and huge mobs of enemies, such as crowds of ettins at the Hypostyle, or any corridor. It's also useful to preserve mana.

Because the wand fires a "ripper" projectile, it cannot be reflected or deflected away. This, combined with its infinite ammo, make it highly effective against "deflector" enemies such as the Centaurs and the Heresiarch.