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SLIGE - which stands for "Space Llama Interment Gazelle Expert"[1] - is a random level generator for Doom, written by David M. Chess. The program is available as a Windows executable and as C source code. SLIGE was under active development in the late 1990s; the last official release, build 485, was released in February 2001.

The generator will usually create levels which primarily consist of killing monsters and picking up health, weapons, and ammunition before reaching the exit. It is possible to modify SLIGE so that it creates more puzzle-oriented levels, where the player needs to find keys or switches before being able to advance. The last official version of SLIGE can create only vanilla-compatible maps.

SLIGE was listed on Doomworld's Top 10 Infamous WADs, due to the reason that the quality of the SLIGE-generated maps was so good that many unscrupulous mappers claimed that the maps were entirely their own handwork. By default SLIGE tags the first sector of each level as a secret, and thus it is likely that older levels that start the player in a secret sector were based on SLIGE templates.

The program may be modified and redistributed under the following terms:

- If you make various changes and improvements to it and release
a modified version yourself:

- Write me and tell me about it so I can be pleased,
- Mention me and SLIGE in the docs somewhere, and
- Please *don't* call your new program "SLIGE". SLIGE is
my program. Call yours "BLIGE" or "EGGISLES" or "MUMFO"
or something like that.


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