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"You need to report to Sergeant Kelly ASAP. He's in Command HQ."
― S. Holmes, upon meeting the Marine [src]

S. Holmes was a marine stationed at Marine Command in Mars City. He wore a helmet and heavy armor, and wielded a standard issue Machine Gun.

When the player meets S. Holmes in Doom 3, he says that Sergeant Kelly is waiting for him, and that the player needs to get to him ASAP. If the player persists in speaking to him, he will warn you about Sarge sending you to patrol outside for a week.

Holmes was in Mars City when the Delta Labs teleporter failed and created a gateway to Hell. Holmes lost his helmet during combat against the forces of Hell and the zombified personnel. He can be found when the player arrives back at Marine HQ, where he is strangled to death by a Zombie.


  • His name refers to Activision production coordinator for DOOM 3, Steve Holmes.
  • His helmet can be seen on the floor between the HQ and the Infirmary.
  • It is impossible to save him. Stepping into the hallway triggers a Zombie to appear and strangle him. Using noclip allows you to enter the hallway without triggering the Zombie, but even if you turn it off, you can still walk through him as though he is a ghost. Furthermore, clicking him does nothing (you cannot talk to him).
  • His dialogue will change after you meet Sergeant Kelly.
  • In Mars City, if you use cheats to kill him before meeting Sergeant Kelly, he will respawn after the cutscene, upon returning through the area.
  • On the Xbox version od Doom 3, if the player gibs his corpse, it will disintegrate similarly to a demon.