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Russell Rice (also known as RiceMan, LastDoomer, RTC Marine, Russell^ and Russell) has been in the Doom community since early 2000, but has been viewing Doomworld since it first started.

He first got himself an account on Doomworld, used DoomServ (as LastDoomer or RiceMan) when it was running and hung out with some oldschool players, then joined clan Unidoom and moved on from there, working his way up through the ranks. Somewhere inbetween, he joined the TRTCC project and his new nick became RTC_Marine; he then later on he joined #zdaemon and became an op, with Nightfang in charge. He was working on various projects during that period (UAC Resurrection, a lump editor and launcher written in O'Basic, and various levels and some websites).

Russell Rice should not be confused with Russell Pearson.


  • Odamex (Launcher maintainer and general developer)
  • ZDaemon (programming, channel moderation, testing)
  • UAC Resurrection (graphics and sounds submissions)
  • UDM2 (testing and support)
  • UDM3 (testing and support)



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