Runes are special items earned by completing Rune Trials. Each rune can be equipped and placed into one of the Praetor Suit's three Rune Slots, though only one is unlocked by default. Completing more trials unlocks the remaining slots at four and seven trials respectively.

Runes can grant combat bonuses, from increasing item pickup radius to keeping enemies stunned for longer. Any rune can be placed in any slot allowing for customization to suit the player's preferred style.

There are twelve total Runes that can be found and unlocked through the course of the campaign. You will be able to find roughly two Rune Trials per general level starting with the Argent Facility and onward through the campaign until you reach the Lazarus Labs, which contain the final two trials and runes.

Like weapons and weapon mods, Runes can also be mastered to provide greater benefits.

Rune Trial Location Benefit Mastery Task Mastery Benefit
Vacuum Argent Facility Increases the range for absorbing dropped items (ammo and health) Absorb 300 items. Further increases range for absorbing items.
Dazed and Confused Argent Facility Increases how long enemies remain in a stagger state. Perform 25 Death From Above Glory Kills Enemy staggers last even longer.
Ammo Boost Argent Energy Tower Increases the amount of ammo gained from items and enemies. Pick up 500 ammo items. BFG ammo has a chance to drop from enemies.
Equipment Power Argent Energy Tower Increases the effectiveness of Equipment items. Use Equipment (grenades, holograms, etc.) 30 times. Further increases the effectiveness of Equipment items.
Seek and Destroy Kadingir Sanctum Glory Kill enemies from much farther away. Glory Kill 75 enemies. Further increases the range at which you can do a Glory Kill.
Savagery Kadingir Sanctum Perform Glory Kills faster. Perform 25 unique Glory Kills while this rune is equipped. Further increases the speed of Glory Kills.
In-Flight Mobility Argent Facility (Destroyed) Provides a significant increase in control over in-air movement when doing a double jump. Kill 30 demons while in mid-air (this includes Death From Above Glory Kills) Applies air control to single jumps.
Armored Offensive Argent Facility (Destroyed) Glory Kills drop armor. Pick up 2500 points of armor. More armor drops per Glory Kill.
Blood Fueled Advanced Research Complex Move faster for a short time after performing a Glory Kill. Kill 50 enemies while speed boosted. Speed boost upon Glory Kill lasts longer.
Intimacy is Best Advanced Research Complex Increases the damage resistance of staggered demons, making them more Glory Kill friendly. Stagger 100 demons. Demons stagger off less damage.
Rich Get Richer Lazarus Labs Firing your standard weapons will not cost Ammo when you have 100 or more Armor. Max out your Armor 12 times. Rich Get Richer activates at 75 or higher Armor.
Saving Throw Lazarus Labs Get one chance to survive a death blow and recover health. This resets on death. Kill 10 demons while Saving Throw's health recovery is active. Get an additional Saving Throw per life.


  • Saving Throw comes from the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game, which often makes players roll dice to have their characters avoid a harmful magical effect or save themselves from a dungeon trap.
  • A few of the runes could possibly be references to famous songs. The Dazed and Confused rune could be named after the Led Zeppelin song of the same name. The same is true with the rune named Seek And Destroy, which probably is a reference to the Metallica song of the same name.
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