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Rowan is considered the first plot-important character in Strife. He is encountered after escaping the top level of the Sewage Plant at the beginning of the game. When talked to, he acknowledges the player's potential and offers money for a job, providing a Crossbow to help them out. This job is to kill Beldin in The Order's Sanctuary before he reveals important information, and to bring his ring back as proof of the deed. He has a total of 31 hit points, though it is game breaking to kill him at early points in the game.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.
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After Beldin is killed and his ring brought back, Rowan reveals that Beldin was going to reveal The Front's location, and offers the player a com-unit and a chance for a world free of The Order's grasp. Accepting both missions allows Blackbird to be heard for the first time. Rejecting either mission causes him to summon Acolytes in floods which will kill the player.

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