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Ron I. Ridge (Identification Number: 8735-80) was an officer assigned to the Communications Facility on Mars.

Ron's PDA can be found next to his dead body.

PDA contents[]

Audio Logs[]

Unsafe Driving[]

This is the audio log of officer Ron Ridge, dated October 16th, 2145.

Recent transport tunnel accidents are causing major headaches for both supply and maintenance. Each accident cost is an estimated 1-3 hour delay in what are mostly time sensitive shipments. It's becoming evident that certain junctions need safety adjustments as well as recommitment to driving safety by all personnel. The EnPro to Comm Center route has shown the biggest increase in accidents over the past six months. Safety signs and approved lighting are needed throughout the main junctions over this stretch of tunnels and paths. Absolutely no recreational vehicle passage should be allowed during peak hours. All personnel should use monorail travel whenever possible to keep cargo shipments flowing smoothly.


Maintenance Lift Access Restrictions (11-14-2145)[]


We need you to enforce Maintenance Lift Access Restrictions from this point forward. Several of these lifts can be used to gain entry into areas that are off-limits to the personnel that might only have maintenance access. Please see to it that this is enforced.

UAC Authority

RE: Those Damn Chainsaws! (11-14-2145)[]

I don't have any idea what to do with those things. Why don't you throw them down the chasm near enpro like you did that other shit?


----Original Message----
Sent: 11-13-2145
To: James Holiday

Hey James,
What are we gonna do with all those chainsaws? We've got two shipments of excess medical equipment coming in very soon and we're gonna need the space. I can't believe someone mis-shipped those things. I can't think of a more useless piece of equipment then a chainsaw on Mars!?! Anyway you gotta help me get rid of these Beavertooths.