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The Rocket Launcher, also called the Paingiver, is a weapon in Doom Eternal. It has been redesigned from its previous incarnation to be based on the UAC Cultist technology and even the Doom Hunter's arm cannon.[1] Its Remote Detonation and Lock-On Burst mods return from DOOM, but they appear to function differently in terms of upgrades and mastery.

Comparatively to its previous counterparts, the Rocket Launcher does a heavy amount of damage with both impact and splash being increased. Less ammo is carried, with it topped off at 13 rockets max making constant resupplies required.

Obtaining the Weapon[]

The Rocket Launcher is first encountered in the Cultist Base, just before the arena where the Slayer encounters the Whiplash demons for the first time. After finding the Cultist Key, head through the locked gate marked "Cultist Key," kill the shield soldiers and keep going until you encounter a shootable green button that opens up a barricade above it with a vent with a punchable green crack in it. Shoot the button, double-dash to the vent, punch through it, and then drop down once you're through to grab the Rocket Launcher.


Remote Detonation[]


Upgrades Description Cost/Mastery
Proximity Fire Rockets will trigger a flare when they are near targets that will be damaged by the Remote Detonation. 3
Concussive Blast Remote Detonations now generate a large, non-damaging concussive blast that can interrupt demons. 6
Explosive Array If a rocket is detonated while the Proximity Flare is active, additional explosives will activate to create a larger area of effect. Challenge:

Lock-On Burst[]

Hold Mod Button to lock onto a target. Once Locked, firing the weapon will launch three rockets at the target.


Upgrades Description Cost/Mastery
Fast Reset Lock-on Burst recharge time decreased by 37.5%. 3
Quick Lock Lock-on speed is increased by 50%. 6
Dual Lock A second Lock-on target can now be acquired before firing rocket bursts. Challenge: Kill 15 Prowlers with the Lock-On Burst.


The player can increase his max ammo cap by using Sentinel Crystals and allocating its power to "Ammo" subsystem.

"Ammo" Level Max Ammo
1 9
2 10
3 11
4 12
5 13

Weapon Skins[]

As with most other weapons in Doom Eternal, the Rocket Launcher has several weapon skins available.


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